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Solidarity in Peru

Peru shut down fast. With less than 24 hours notice, all flights in or out of the country were cancelled and everyone was ordered to stay home. In the cities, the quarantine and nightly curfew were being enforced by police and military.

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Learning the End of the Story

Isaura asked me what the Resurrection was. Angela and I looked at each other shocked, realizing that this couple, who had a large image of Jesus’ Cross on a poster above their table, had never heard of the Resurrection. The Resurrection changes everything, and this man was about to die without knowing about it.

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Why Did You Stay?

When we talked about whether we would stay [in Peru] during this time or try to get back to the States, Robert and I were both on the same page. God, in His mercy, gave us clarity and peace about staying and continuing to serve the people—our own friends and neighbors—during this difficult time of uncertainty for many.

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A Year of Blessings

Although I have been serving at our stateside office this past year, I have continued regularly sending alms money to my old mission partner Joanne who is still serving on Camiguin Island, and she takes pictures for me to share with you about the amazing things God is accomplishing through your generosity! Thank you!!!

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Treasure Hunting

As FMC has grown, there is more and more need for extra help and support at Big Woods. In January 2017 we began the Missionary Disciple Internship Program to help fill the need for extra support staff around Big Woods, as well as offering a time of formation and ministry for the interns who come.

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Mission: Hospitality

You can’t take the mission out of the missionary! Although we are currently missionaries-on-furlough (not actively serving at one of FMC’s mission posts around the world), we have had no shortage of mission activity. Jesus is constantly offering us opportunities for ministry and evangelization in our daily lives.

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A Radical Spirit of Faith

In 35 years of celebrating marriages, I have never experienced such a vibrant Catholic community participating in the wedding ceremony. Every hymn was sung with gusto, every prayer response was spoken with clarity, every person was highly attentive to the Word and the Sacraments.

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