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Domestic Church

Something important was missing. Home after home, I could not find it: not a crucifix, not a cross, not an image of Jesus was to be found. This is something we take for granted, that every Christian home has some holy image on their wall. Not here in Coopevega, Costa Rica. Thus, a ministry was born…

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Hoping Against Hope

So many times my heart has broken, over and over, hearing the stories of these women, hearing about the terrible choices they have made out of desperately trying to survive. The wounds of their own sins, but also the countless sins of others, makes finding a solution more and more complex.

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The Kingdom of Heaven Is Theirs

I worried often about Maggie, if she was getting sicker, if she had food, and if she was healthy enough to take care of herself and Tika. As time went on, my worry turned to fear. It was my worst fear that I would find out she died; that one of the diseases she battled finally won. I was afraid of her leaving behind her young daughter.

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