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Eyes to See

by Katie Glafcke // God’s grace filled in where I lacked. The Holy Spirit took over as I opened my bruised and battered heart to Jesus. I asked for my heart to be washed clean, to be reconciled with My Lord. The priest listened and gave me absolution. My penance: go and love your husband tenderly.

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In Between

During this time, we were supposed to discern where our family would go next. There was a little anxiety about this. I didn’t feel adequately prepared to “make a major discernment” during this rocky time of prayer.

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Change of Heart

We were in the middle of praying the rosary when we heard a voice behind us call out, “Can you please talk to my daughter? I don’t want her to have an abortion!”

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Kiss Her Foot

When our day was coming to an end, a woman named Irma showed up at the clinic. Unfortunately, it was too late in the day, and our doctor could not see any more patients. It broke my heart that Irma may not be able to receive the medical care that she needed.

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Domestic Church

Something important was missing. Home after home, I could not find it: not a crucifix, not a cross, not an image of Jesus was to be found. This is something we take for granted, that every Christian home has some holy image on their wall. Not here in Coopevega, Costa Rica. Thus, a ministry was born…

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Jesus in the Rainforest

Here, two priests are responsible for serving 42 communities. Three religious sisters, one other missionary family, and our family help with 17 of those communities. Four of the communities have a tabernacle and a regular weekend Mass. The other 14 have small chapels that are normally dark and locked up, opening for occasional communion services or Mass—sometimes only once every three months.

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Amigos in the Holy Spirit

It is not only in Baños—or any foreign city—that God calls people to holy encounters. There are amigos in the Holy Spirit awaiting us wherever we are. As we approach the great celebration of Pentecost, let us ask the Holy Spirit if there is someone one our path He might be calling us to befriend this week. Who might be needing a word of encouragement and prayers, or just someone to remind them that they are seen?

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Confessions of a Faltering Missionary

All my thoughts culminated in me screaming at God, “Why do you let this happen? Especially to those who love you! Do you even exist? If you do, YOU NEED TO DO SOMETHING!!” Then I heard it. The whisper of the Lord. And he said, “I did do something…I sent YOU!” Even as I write those words, my heart stirs in a way that it never did before, in all my years of missions. I prayed for God to comfort these people, to help them move forward after tragedy, to have food to eat, that they will not feel alone, that their needs can be met.

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