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Frankly, I Want to Go to Heaven

Naturally, in a family with eight children, you learn to take care of others. When Mrs. Genie asked us to watch over Mr. Frank while she went to visit a relative, we were slightly uncomfortable. Even though we were used to taking care of others, never had we taken care of someone whom we had respected as much as Mr. Frank.

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More Than Just a Handout

In an effort to assist the poor in a sustainable way, several missionaries have helped those in need to build their own sources of income. Starting a business can be a slow and patient process, but it’s also fairly straightforward and common in many of the countries in which we serve. People simply need some starting cash, perhaps a little training and guidance, and a good dose of encouragement.

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Hospitality: The School of Encounter

In one of our local tribal languages, Kichwa, the word for a stranger is “chikan” meaning “separated.” The meaning becomes especially relevant when we consider that the Church is asking all of us missionary-disciples to build “bridges that foster a culture of encounter.”

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