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Christmas Around the World 2022

Our kids prepared 100 gift bags with candies, chocolates, lollipops, and of course to protect their teeth, we also included toothpaste, toothbrushes, and antibacterial soap.

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When God Plans the Party

Our friend Eliomar had prepared a reflection which included two gifts—one wrapped like garbage and scribbled on, and the other wrapped beautifully with glittery ribbon. He asked two kid volunteers which one they wanted, and they both chose the beautiful one. He gave them the gifts and asked them to open them. Inside the beautiful one were nasty old fruit peels and garbage. Inside the scribbled package were chocolate and candy.

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Jesus Is Born: A Coopevega Christmas

When the long-awaited time came to open the presents, I couldn’t help but smile at the loud, enthusiastic sounds of ripping wrapping paper and happy exclamations that filled our packed gazebo. I knew for some of those kids this would be the only Christmas present they received this year—or possibly any year.

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Awake Us from Our Slumber, O Lord!

Waking from our slumber and running down the long hallway to the front door was a bit scary. As I was trying to open the door, Gabriel yelled out, “God will save us.” Trying to dodge the fragments of adobe, plaster, and rocks falling from the walls and roofs above us was a sight to see.

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Three Little Pigs, Suffering, and Joy

Then it struck me: these little piglets, cute as they were, had been bred for slaughter. And, like them, the adorable Child whose birth we were preparing to celebrate would ultimately be slaughtered. He was born into privation, and within days His life was at risk and He and His family were refugees. 

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