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Eyes to See

by Katie Glafcke // God’s grace filled in where I lacked. The Holy Spirit took over as I opened my bruised and battered heart to Jesus. I asked for my heart to be washed clean, to be reconciled with My Lord. The priest listened and gave me absolution. My penance: go and love your husband tenderly.

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VIDEO: Resurrection Through Confession

At Easter we are reminded that resurrection is possible everyday. Everyday we fail. I argue with my wife or am yelling at my children. And I’m like, “Lord, why do I constantly fail under these patterns of sin?” He’s there to encourage us and pick us up, to give us that second, third, fourth, fifth, or five-hundredth chance that we need.

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A Touch and a Look

I walked into that confession as the hemorrhaging woman, frustrated and discouraged. I still often feel like the hemorrhaging woman. I am beaten down by the burdens of this year and am waiting and reaching out for Christ to walk by. But, I also know that Christ used that encounter with Fr. Gabriel to continue to heal me, encourage me and bring me life. That encounter gave me the hope I needed to believe that Christ can heal, is healing, and will heal me.

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