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Seven Years of an Amazing Missionary Life

On New Year’s Eve of 2013, if someone had told us the course of our lives was about to radically change, we would not have known what to expect. We had traveled to a few exotic places, but never in our wildest dreams did we anticipate a dramatic reversion to our faith through FMC, being filled with the Holy Spirit, and receiving Jesus’ call to follow Him with a lifestyle of preaching the Gospel and serving the poor.

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Fried Chicken and French Fries

It all began with fried chicken and french fries. That’s what the Holy Spirit prompted me to go and eat at a street stand in Peru. I’ve learned that when prompted by the Holy Spirit, it’s best to listen and be docile. This particular day the Holy Spirit wanted me to go to a street food stand not far from where I was staying in the city of Tarapoto.

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A Testimony of Faith

My life in the Catholic faith changed completely in 2015 when I met a marvelous missionary family, Jonathan and Teresa Kiehl and their kids. Through them, I began to learn more about God and His wonders.

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