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It’s Not About the Food

I spotted an elderly couple begging for money from the patrons of a Chinese restaurant. The couple looked hungry and sickly, and there was no way that a few “soles” given to them out of pity would buy them a decent meal.

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What Is the Good News?

Do I recognize God when he interrupts my day or am I walking around with a senseless, darkened mind unable to accord him glory or thank him for the unexpected? Now I see more clearly the Good News which I am called to share: God has a plan even amid the unexpected and interruptions.

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Resisting Normality

Yes, our passports are itching to be stamped—they haven’t been opened for over a year now! I dream of being on one of the hundreds of flights that pass over my head every day, or of going out and finding a local homeless person just to be able to say I talked to a stranger. But this is my personal sacrifice, one that the Lord has placed on me.

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