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Contagious Joy

On July 22nd, the mission trip of six adults left after being with us for nearly two weeks. The time we spent with them was very busy as well as very blessed. On the third day of the trip, Mallory, my dad, and I left with the mission trip and some of our host family to travel to a small village about 4 hours of mixed travel (plane and bus rides) away. Life there was simple but beautiful. 

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God Loves All His Children

My Dad coordinated one day with the nuns to visit their Girls Home. We were greeted by about a hundred of them, in the driveway of the home, all of them waving and trying to get a look at us, a family of nine white foreigners.

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The Sweet Sound of the Good News

It was a wonderful affirmation to me of how important it is to reach out to the children in places like Taiwan who, by virtue of their age, tend to have more “fertile ears” and are more open to receiving the message. It was a beautiful day in so many ways. The kids even tried to help teach us how to play their instruments!

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A Bike Track in a Cow Pasture

When I first saw the land, I felt a bit discouraged. It was very overgrown with trees, bushes, tall grass, and brush everywhere. And there were cows and a horse living there. The spot he found for us to build was in a cow pasture! Well…at least the land would be leased to us free of charge, so I thought, let’s give it a try.

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Jesus Is Born: A Coopevega Christmas

When the long-awaited time came to open the presents, I couldn’t help but smile at the loud, enthusiastic sounds of ripping wrapping paper and happy exclamations that filled our packed gazebo. I knew for some of those kids this would be the only Christmas present they received this year—or possibly any year.

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