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The Cross

I grasped and kissed that wooden cross and thanked and praised Jesus over and over and over. I knew and believed deep down, Jesus wanted me here, in Peru. He MUST be willing my good in some way through this suffering.

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Kiss Her Foot

When our day was coming to an end, a woman named Irma showed up at the clinic. Unfortunately, it was too late in the day, and our doctor could not see any more patients. It broke my heart that Irma may not be able to receive the medical care that she needed.

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From Mom to Missionary

I felt like I was in a dream. I had to go to the store at that exact time in order to run into this group of people at that exact moment! And what are the odds that they were hosting a moms’ retreat, and that both my older kids adamantly did not want to go to the store that day? My oldest joked that his laziness was obviously God’s will that day… ha! I knew I had to go.

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