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Children As Missionaries

As a mother guiding my children as missionaries, I want to help my children claim ministries of their own. We were called as a family into missions, but not every member of my family feels passionate, excited, or gifted to be in foreign missions. For example, we get a lot of knocks at our door; the extroverts excitedly answer, while the introverts are more hesitant.

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Breaking the Mold: A Birth Story

A category 4 hurricane was coming our way and we had to evacuate our home. Did you know that large pressure changes, which happen during major storms, can induce labor? Wait a minute. I just said yes to our first home birth and now I might be delivering this baby in someone else’s (a complete stranger’s, nonetheless) house? Lord have mercy!

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The Night Jesus Came to Us

All I could see was the back of his hand, which was holding his head. Both were covered with an extreme amount of blood which ran down the back of his shirt soaking it to a dark red. I immediately thanked Jesus for sparing my son’s life.

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The Friend Request That Made a Difference

Since my initial communications with Maq this group has developed and evolved into something I could never have imagined and has been a huge blessing in my life. The goal of this group is to give MKs from every background and denomination a place of understanding, acceptance and fellowship.  

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