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SERVE: Winter 2021

Winter 2021 SERVE READ THE SERVE (opens in e-reader) Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ, Recently, while playfully hoisting my kids up into their bunk beds, I showed them how to do a trust fall. Excitedly, one by one they enjoyed the nervous fun of closing their eyes, falling backwards, and waiting for my arms to grab them before they... Read More

Universal Giftedness

It can be tempting to compare ourselves to others, or what we think is expected of us. In this charismatic community, I might feel as if I should have a healing or preaching gift. Would God have called me to be a missionary otherwise?

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Urbana 22: A Global Feast

We joined 6,000 Christians gathered together from every corner of the globe, singing worship and glorifying God in a wide variety of languages. Here we stood among a vast multitude, offering our voices, musical gifts, our hearts and extending our hands in resounding praise to Jesus.

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Sent Forth in His Name

The crosses were placed around their necks by members of the formation team who had been accompanying the new missionaries during the previous months of training. These sacramentals serve as a simple, yet powerful, reminder of the One BY WHOM we are sent to others, and the one TO WHOM we lead others. 

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Christmas Around the World 2022

Our kids prepared 100 gift bags with candies, chocolates, lollipops, and of course to protect their teeth, we also included toothpaste, toothbrushes, and antibacterial soap.

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Seven Years of an Amazing Missionary Life

On New Year’s Eve of 2013, if someone had told us the course of our lives was about to radically change, we would not have known what to expect. We had traveled to a few exotic places, but never in our wildest dreams did we anticipate a dramatic reversion to our faith through FMC, being filled with the Holy Spirit, and receiving Jesus’ call to follow Him with a lifestyle of preaching the Gospel and serving the poor.

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Reach More

Over the past few years, FMC leadership has been seeking the best way to help our missionaries in this all-important task of making disciples. Their hope is that our missionaries receive tools to help them fulfill the Great Commission and become more intentional in forming disciples. Reach More, a training developed by the lay organization Evangelical Catholic, is the fruit of that search.

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Fried Chicken and French Fries

It all began with fried chicken and french fries. That’s what the Holy Spirit prompted me to go and eat at a street stand in Peru. I’ve learned that when prompted by the Holy Spirit, it’s best to listen and be docile. This particular day the Holy Spirit wanted me to go to a street food stand not far from where I was staying in the city of Tarapoto.

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A Testimony of Faith

My life in the Catholic faith changed completely in 2015 when I met a marvelous missionary family, Jonathan and Teresa Kiehl and their kids. Through them, I began to learn more about God and His wonders.

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Just One Friend

Ayush came to Mass that evening. He watched everything I was doing with an attentive eye. He wanted to worship in the right ways, to give glory to the King of kings. Even if his understanding was just beginning, Ayush could sense that he was a part of something more, something great. He was sitting only a few feet from the real presence of Jesus in the Eucharist.

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World Mission Sunday: A Call for All

You may not feel called to pray spontaneously with random strangers at the entrance of Wal-Mart (though you shouldn’t be too quick to dismiss it as a possibility). But you are called to give witness in the ways which the Spirit prompts you in your daily life.

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