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missionary in ghanna

Answering the Call: All He Needs Is Our YES

At times I have questioned the Lord, “Why me? Why did you choose me to be your missionary to the ends of the earth?” I still don’t feel qualified. I still struggle and prefer comforts to sacrificing. I still don’t like getting up in front of people and giving talks, and I can’t lead music. 

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Loaves and Fishes

We often hear from folks that their work is very difficult and they don’t have time to go to the church and learn more. If we visit them every few weeks with a new card and scripture, we can bring the learning to them, ensuring that they hear the gospel proclaimed. Who knows what the Lord may do with those few loaves being offered?

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Jesus Saves, Bro

What greater love for our neighbor than to share with them the Good News? Are we concerned for those who have not heard it? How bold are we in this mission? I ask myself this question often. We meet some people who have heard the name of Jesus and think of Him as just another god.

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Hoping Against Hope

So many times my heart has broken, over and over, hearing the stories of these women, hearing about the terrible choices they have made out of desperately trying to survive. The wounds of their own sins, but also the countless sins of others, makes finding a solution more and more complex.

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What Are Our Gifts?

Given the circumstances, it would be easy for us to conclude the task here is just too big, or even impossible. We should “shake the dust from our sandals” and move on. But then I think about Nicodemus and how he couldn’t understand what it meant to be born again in the Spirit. And so, Jesus talked to him about the wind.

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The Kingdom of Heaven Is Theirs

I worried often about Maggie, if she was getting sicker, if she had food, and if she was healthy enough to take care of herself and Tika. As time went on, my worry turned to fear. It was my worst fear that I would find out she died; that one of the diseases she battled finally won. I was afraid of her leaving behind her young daughter.

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It’s Not About the Food

I spotted an elderly couple begging for money from the patrons of a Chinese restaurant. The couple looked hungry and sickly, and there was no way that a few “soles” given to them out of pity would buy them a decent meal.

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Unexpected Joy

Only five months after our family’s arrival at our new post, we found ourselves in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, locked away from those we were sent to serve. Jesus, being who He is, still led us to the poorest of the poor. He opened so many closed doors—both literally and figuratively—for new ministries to flourish, despite the repercussions of the virus. 

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Amigos in the Holy Spirit

It is not only in Baños—or any foreign city—that God calls people to holy encounters. There are amigos in the Holy Spirit awaiting us wherever we are. As we approach the great celebration of Pentecost, let us ask the Holy Spirit if there is someone one our path He might be calling us to befriend this week. Who might be needing a word of encouragement and prayers, or just someone to remind them that they are seen?

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The Comforter

My nineteen-year-old son called me from his mission in Peru a couple of weeks ago. He was sick in bed and groaning occasionally with discomfort as he talked cheerfully about his work. I couldn’t reach him through the mail, couldn’t reasonably fly to see him. I wanted to teleport there and cook him soup, bring him to the doctor, hold him and pray over him. I wanted so badly to comfort him.

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Confessions of a Faltering Missionary

All my thoughts culminated in me screaming at God, “Why do you let this happen? Especially to those who love you! Do you even exist? If you do, YOU NEED TO DO SOMETHING!!” Then I heard it. The whisper of the Lord. And he said, “I did do something…I sent YOU!” Even as I write those words, my heart stirs in a way that it never did before, in all my years of missions. I prayed for God to comfort these people, to help them move forward after tragedy, to have food to eat, that they will not feel alone, that their needs can be met.

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Taiwan Through the Eyes of a Missionary Kid

Along with the blessings, there have been some challenges…It is hard knowing that most of my friends and classmates are not Catholics, or even Christians for that matter. It is also discouraging because there are so many temples! 15,000! But, like I said earlier, trust in the Lord!

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VIDEO: Resurrection Through Confession

At Easter we are reminded that resurrection is possible everyday. Everyday we fail. I argue with my wife or am yelling at my children. And I’m like, “Lord, why do I constantly fail under these patterns of sin?” He’s there to encourage us and pick us up, to give us that second, third, fourth, fifth, or five-hundredth chance that we need.

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