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What Is the Good News?

Do I recognize God when he interrupts my day or am I walking around with a senseless, darkened mind unable to accord him glory or thank him for the unexpected? Now I see more clearly the Good News which I am called to share: God has a plan even amid the unexpected and interruptions.

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Resisting Normality

Yes, our passports are itching to be stamped—they haven’t been opened for over a year now! I dream of being on one of the hundreds of flights that pass over my head every day, or of going out and finding a local homeless person just to be able to say I talked to a stranger. But this is my personal sacrifice, one that the Lord has placed on me.

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A Bit of Relief in the Midst of Despair

When I sat down next to one of the men somebody sneered, “Don’t give him any money. He’ll just use it for drugs!” My heart sank.  All these people were just in church professing their love for Jesus, who of course loves the poor. All these people call themselves Christians, and claim to follow Christ…and yet….

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Holy Ground

We have seen firsthand the unfolding of a place where heaven meets earth. Hours upon hours of sweaty labor has groomed the grounds, torn out whatever was rotten, and renovated the interior and exterior of the buildings. Shelves have been cleared and equipment has been put back in proper order.

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Our Heaviest Burden, Our Greatest Gift

If I were to be honest, I would have to admit that sometimes it is very hard to walk, as Simon of Cyrene did, carrying someone else’s burden so that they can move forward. He did not even want to help! I admit I have felt that too! However, in the end I know that this cross is the path to salvation, and not just for me, but others as well.

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What Do Loans Have to Do With It?

Here, more than a single soul has been reached for less than every possible suffering! For the low, low price of $48,583.53 and a dozen years of school and work and sacrifice, the KINGDOM OF GOD IS IN PROGRESS. Through just ONE part of the job the Lord gave me—sometimes done poorly, even complaining-ly, often winging it, and very often realizing how the Lord played a long game in preparing me for the position—I contributed to the building of the Kingdom of God. I participated in the Great Commission.

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The Great Rosary Giveaway

I thank God for moving in the hearts of our team members who rejected the lie that during this time of quarantine they can’t do anything to help others. I thank God for inspiring us to coordinate the Christmas Rosary Giveaway event and also for our amazing missionary friends who were willing to help make this day such a success.

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Three Little Pigs, Suffering, and Joy

Then it struck me: these little piglets, cute as they were, had been bred for slaughter. And, like them, the adorable Child whose birth we were preparing to celebrate would ultimately be slaughtered. He was born into privation, and within days His life was at risk and He and His family were refugees. 

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A Christmas in Taiwan

The kids lined up right away for the gift, and of course the parents let them have it because, let’s face it, how could they say no to a beautiful gift? It felt awesome. It’s hard to describe the joy of being able to share the message of Jesus’ saving love to these kids who have quite simply never heard it before. 

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A Venezuelan Nativity Scene

The young man reached out his hand and I gave him a 50-cent piece. I went in feeling relieved as they smiled and said thank you. When I sat down I felt like a powerful rush came upon me and I could hear a voice saying, “Fifty cents? Really? That’s all you are going to give me?”

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Breaking the Mold: A Birth Story

A category 4 hurricane was coming our way and we had to evacuate our home. Did you know that large pressure changes, which happen during major storms, can induce labor? Wait a minute. I just said yes to our first home birth and now I might be delivering this baby in someone else’s (a complete stranger’s, nonetheless) house? Lord have mercy!

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The Night Jesus Came to Us

All I could see was the back of his hand, which was holding his head. Both were covered with an extreme amount of blood which ran down the back of his shirt soaking it to a dark red. I immediately thanked Jesus for sparing my son’s life.

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