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World Mission Sunday: A Call for All

You may not feel called to pray spontaneously with random strangers at the entrance of Wal-Mart (though you shouldn’t be too quick to dismiss it as a possibility). But you are called to give witness in the ways which the Spirit prompts you in your daily life.

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Hospitality: The School of Encounter

In one of our local tribal languages, Kichwa, the word for a stranger is “chikan” meaning “separated.” The meaning becomes especially relevant when we consider that the Church is asking all of us missionary-disciples to build “bridges that foster a culture of encounter.”

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Five Years of Our Calling

Our first session on the Great Commission blew us away. And then it just got better and better! Why did we never hear all of this stuff growing up and going to primarily Catholic institutions our whole lives?

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Our Journey to a Place Called “KFC”

Jonathan and his boys scouting troop – “Caballeros de San Jose” or “Knights of St. Joseph” – leave the jungle and enjoy a fun day in a big city. “With a population at around 45,000, it would be the largest city the majority of them had ever visited. What I experienced on that day I will never forget and I suspect neither will the boys.”

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Pay Attention

But talking to Segundo was not merely an outward act of Christian bravery or heroism that only foreign missionaries can do. This is common courtesy. This is acknowledging and encountering other human beings because they matter and because God loves them. This is how we love others, by paying attention. And this is a call for everyone.

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