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My Enemies: Fernando & Jose

Jose and Fernando stole from us every chance they got. They constantly climbed all over our van, played inside and left the lights on, which drained our battery. They would tell us that they were hungry and then throw the food we gave them on the ground. Although we felt sorry for these kids, our desire to help them was skewed by the irritation that welled within us when they came around.

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Seeing Jesus

It is always such a pleasant surprise how The Lord can continuously rock my world at every unexpected moment.

He is exactly that: my rock.

He is my Beholder, my Maker, my Beloved Father.

He is my biggest fan, my crying shoulder, my defender in battle…

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Risk Your Kids for the Kingdom?

[Editor’s Note: John Piper is a Christian pastor and author who often writes about missions. We found this article published on his website and thought it worth sharing. Piper addresses the serious issue of children in missions, a topic of supreme interest to any involved with Family Missions Company. His article is reprinted here with permission.]

Should a Christian couple take their children into danger as part of their mission to take the gospel to the unreached peoples of the world? Short answer: Yes.

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That Others May Be Praised, And I Unnoticed

he day after Christmas, I, along with a group of about 24 people, left the United States to go on a medical mission trip to Trinidad. I would be lying if I said that this trip was an easy one for me. Leading up to the trip I had so much anxiety about going, but I could not figure out why. Now, I think that it was because I knew deep down that God was going to use this time in Trinidad to move my heart to welcome Him in and love Him more. It had been two and a half years since my last mission trip, and in that time I had gotten busy.

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Amir Sebastian

Despite the assortment of hardships, there is one thing that remains consistent: WE NEVER GIVE ANYONE MONEY. When someone needs a new steel roof panel, we go to the hardware store and buy it with them. When a kid needs crayons and pencils for school, we head to another shop in town. So far, this probably all sounds pretty straight forward, and it is… until the Holy Spirit asks us to break the rules.

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Update: Team Peru and the Mudslide

It has been three weeks since the awful disaster of mudslides and flooding that struck Tres Unidos and Shamboyacu. These have been weeks of hard work and more rain has fallen on already beaten down communities.

The first few days following November 2nd were long and exhausting. Taylor left early every morning and returned home after dark each evening. His goal each day was to bring hope to the people who had lost everything. He did this by bringing the love of Christ with him. He took the time to listen teach person’s story and prayed with them. He also brought in things that were desperately needed: water, food, clothes, and even a tent for a family who lost their home.

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Sometimes, I Just Can’t Handle It

I was completely overwhelmed with emotion and could do nothing more than remain kneeling with my head buried in my hands. “What is wrong?” I kept asking myself. As I left the church my mind raced as I sobbed and sobbed.

I realized that sometimes I just can’t handle it: the frequency of death, the abusive relationships, the prostitution and drug abuse, the neglected and abandoned kids.

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A Personal Reflection on World Mission Sunday

This past weekend, the Catholic Church celebrated World Mission Sunday. Praise God! Please join me in praying that our family’s simple and humble witness would be enough for the people we serve in rural, Central America. We have been blessed beyond measure by God and by the beautiful people of Costa Rica. Often times, our many shortcomings are on display as well and we pray that through our weaknesses we would be made strong and that we could have the grace and courage to boast in Christ and in Him alone. Below is a brief, honest, and broken reflection on the Church’s mission, the Great Commission.

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The Faces of Mission – World Mission Sunday

This Sunday, October 22nd, the worldwide Church celebrates World Mission Sunday. In his message for the day, Pope Francis invites us “to reflect anew on the mission at the heart of the Christian faith.” FMC is engaged in this mission: to bring Christ to all. We’d like to join in the World Mission Sunday reflection and remind you of some faces and stories to help bring it all to life.

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Love Is Uncomfortable

Many times when I think of love and what love is in practice, I think of when I was dating my wife and our first kiss, or playing with my kids so hard we collapse in a fit of laughter, or hanging out with my best friend over a glass of whiskey. But love is not always that romantic or…

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The Smiling Face of Suffering

Suffering is not something I encountered often in the United States. Emotional suffering I am closely acquainted with, having suffered with depression for most of my adult life, and still continuously fighting that battle. But physical suffering was new to me when we moved to Haiti. I knew that in theory – “out there” – there were people who suffered. I didn’t see them face to face until I moved here though, and even then I didn’t truly see suffering until we had spent more time in the villages that surround us.

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Linguistic Train Wrecks in Mexico

Language barriers. They are a real thing. But how badly do we need language school really? It has been decades since my first epic language mistake on that mission trip in college. After mixing up a couple of similar sounding words and topping it off with a false cognate for the win, it can’t get much worse, right? was last…

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Loving a thief in Peru

In the book of Romans, St. Paul says, “Afflictions produce endurance, and endurance, proven character, and proven character, hope, and hope does not disappoint because the love of God has been poured out into our hearts through the holy Spirit that has been given to us.” was last modified: September 28th, 2017

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Success is…

[The Wilde family – Jason, Jessica and their kids Grace, Brecklyn, Alex, and Chi Yu – have joined the Intake class of 2017 and are currently in missionary training with FMC.] Getting a degree Finding a wife Finding a job Buying a house was last modified: September 28th, 2017

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