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The Ultimate Matchmaker

When I joined FMC in 2013, my biggest struggle was the first-year “no dating” commitment. I had just ended a five-year relationship with the man I planned to marry. When the Lord called me to become a missionary, He asked me to abandon what I had planned for myself, to follow His plans. I said yes and let go.

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The Moms that Mother’s Day Forgot

A belated Happy Mother’s Day to all you moms! This year, Sammy and the kids made my day extra special with flowers, cards, a special breakfast, and even a original song that they wrote just for me! Mothers are the ones who help us tie our shoes Who wash the dishes we use But the best part is she loves…

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The Gospel of Matthew, according to Alex

[Jason and Jessica Wilde, and their children Grace (10), Brecklyn (8), Alex (7), and Chi Yu (4), recently went on a medical mission trip with FMC in the Philippines. The following post, published here with permission, is from their blog.] The dim hospital room was packed full of 15 or 20 Filipino families, each huddled around a bed or crib holding their sick…

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Love What Matters

I recently started seeing a lot of posts from the Love What Matters movement on my Facebook feed. It’s touching.. stories, photos, and videos that highlight what’s really important in life, especially when there are so many negative things in the news and in our own lives that try to steal our focus and our joy. was last modified: July…

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Jesus, I Trust in You: Part 3

The house is finished! On Mother’s Day we drove to Nanay Ludi’s house for our weekly visit, our gift of a litson manok (a rotisserie chicken, her favorite) in hand. We arrived to find a very happy couple inside a very cozy, newly completed home! was last modified: May 20th, 2016

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Jesus, I Trust in You: Part 2

Over the mountains and through the jungle…Grandma’s house is on its way to being finished! (Read Part 1 of this story here.) Together, you all have donated over $800 towards giving Ludi and Lope a home where they can be safe and comfortable in their elderly years. That kind of generosity goes a long way here in the Philippines! was…

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A Day in the Life: The Herrmann Family

Today was a beautiful day of being a missionary here in Malabalay, Philippines. We started the morning making 2 cups of “hand-brewed” coffee and oatmeal for the family. Up until recently we had 1 pot and 1 pan. Recently we were given a second pot! We feel a bit spoiled, but it sure is nice to be able to make…

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Jesus, I Trust in You!

Ludi Opena is 87 years old. Her husband Lope is 85. We began visiting them every week three years ago. We bring them rice, vegetables, fruit, and their blood pressure medication and we pray with them and enjoy each other’s company. Ludi talks our ears off and cuddles the baby and sings songs to the kids and talks to them…

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Jericho March 2016: Life is Beautiful

A couple of years ago we caught the notion that praying, singing, and walking in circles around a village could make walls of sin and oppression come crashing down. That a miracle from the Old Testament could happen in modern-day Isla Bonita; that prayer and faith could free men and their families from the evils of alcohol addiction. (Read about…

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