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Doktors in Taiwan

The first night was interesting for sure. The nights still got down to the 40s and, without heat, we were a little chilly. There were a bunch of noises, too, to feed our imaginations: some weird squealing (which we think now is a nighthawk), a rooster who must be jet lagged too as he started at 2am, and then stray dogs barking for what seemed like hours at a time. We were rattled by the initial shock of being in such a different place. The next morning, the reading was from Mark 4 where Jesus calmed the storm and I felt like the Lord was speaking to me when he said, “Why are you terrified? Do you not yet have faith?” (Mark 4:40)

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Encountering Truth

The other day a man showed up at the gate of our home. He had seen a poster which I had made advertising a praise and worship night we will host at the church. Our new friend, an atheist who works as a fortune teller in a temple, extended an invitation to Rebekah and I to join his language exchange group, saying that we could come “teach them about Jesus.”

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His Abundant Mercy

It didn’t take long for God to remind me that the weakness and inadequacies of my flesh were exactly why He must humble Himself in hiding His glory because He wants to be welcomed into my mess.

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The Church Is Poor In Taiwan

Christianity is a simple and common concept in the United States, but I am learning that is not so in Taiwan. We are learning about the gods and ancestors that a majority of the Taiwanese people worship; about the ideals of wealth, power, success, superstition, and education that govern the people’s lives.

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Sparks In The Stubble

I am not the person who is going to change the world, but Jesus is, and He knows that we are simply just a spark in the stubble. And that’s all He needs to start a fire.

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Love Over Fear

I am ready to move to Taiwan. I’m ready to love, and serve, and bring the amazing gift of Jesus Christ to my brothers and sisters there. No matter what the future holds, I’m confident in the love of Christ. I’m confident in His goodness. I’m confident that only with God as the center of my life is all this possible.

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Where Is Our Passion?

This is passion! In the midst of fear, adversity, and apathy, passion enters the room and blows the doors down. … The world looks at our apathetic brand of Christianity and wants little to do with it, because it lacks a sincere authenticity, and it lacks passion.

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How To Love When You’d Rather Yell

“STOP pushing the desk! How many times have I told you the SAME thing! Sit up straight and don’t lean against the table!” The plump, untidy little six-year-old gave me a shame-faced grin as she did every single time I corrected her which was probably every other minute of the thirty minutes I sat with her.

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Update: Team Peru and the Mudslide

It has been three weeks since the awful disaster of mudslides and flooding that struck Tres Unidos and Shamboyacu. These have been weeks of hard work and more rain has fallen on already beaten down communities.

The first few days following November 2nd were long and exhausting. Taylor left early every morning and returned home after dark each evening. His goal each day was to bring hope to the people who had lost everything. He did this by bringing the love of Christ with him. He took the time to listen teach person’s story and prayed with them. He also brought in things that were desperately needed: water, food, clothes, and even a tent for a family who lost their home.

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Avoiding Eye Contact & Other Ways to Kill Your Soul

Are you a good person? Yeah, me too. I’m basically a good person. Aren’t we all? Most people think of themselves as good, their particular sins somewhat excusable and insignificant, while everyone else’s are shocking and reprehensible. But in my walk with Christ, I have learned a life-changing truth…

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Wan Fu Maliya

“Wan fu Maliya…” I tried my best to follow along with the rosary, but the prayers in this foreign Asian language were twisting and tangling in my mouth. Moving the beads in my hands, I looked at the faces of the people following us with their eyes. Our group was not something seen in this big Asian city every day: priests,…

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They Will Know

There is a certain market in Taiwan that is my stomping ground, a place that has unintentionally turned into a ministry that I truly love! I go there about three to five times a week to get the best deals on fruits and vegetables as well as see the adorable vendors. Being the only foreigner, many ask what I am doing here…

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Unintended Consequences

“Consider, brothers, how you were called; not many of you are wise by human standards, not many influential, not many from noble families. No, God chose those who by human standards are fools to shame the wise; he chose those who by human standards are weak to shame the strong, those who by human standards are common and contemptible –…

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Fully Alive

“The glory of God is man fully alive.” – St. Irenaeus These words of St. Irenaeus have challenged many to serve the Lord in a new, vibrant way. A major element of my husband’s and my discernment into becoming missionaries was a response to our desires to live an extraordinary family life, to serve God in a radical way, and... Read More

“I Am Nobody”

How can I fully express to you the love I feel for Taiwan? After living here for nine months, I call it my home. There are multiple reasons for this: the witness, love, and mercy of my team; the incredible experience of telling those who’ve never heard about Jesus; the culture and people of Taiwan; and my dearest friend here,... Read More

Crucible of Love

You think you’re a good person until you live in community… Then you realize you are the most selfish, vain, conceited creature on the face of the planet.

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FMC Missionaries are living the teachings of the DOCAT!

DOCAT: What I’m doing NOW

After reading the DOCAT, a newly published adaptation of the social doctrine of the Church, one quote stood out to me as a summation of my missionary life and a summation of how my life reflects the ideals talked about in this book: “’God’s love never ends.’ (1 Cor 13:8). He goes after us, looks for us in our caves and hiding places,…

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The Tale of the Free Wedding Dress

Full disclosure: This is NOT the wedding dress or the bride the story is about, but I’m not allowed to post pictures of her until the actual wedding. Fair enough. “Let’s go wedding dress shopping!” A normal statement for a maid of honour to make to a bride-to-be. But this wasn’t a normal situation. Kristi* and Annie* were Americans, working…

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