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SERVE: Winter 2021

Winter 2021 SERVE READ THE SERVE (opens in e-reader) Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ, Recently, while playfully hoisting my kids up into their bunk beds, I showed them how to do a trust fall. Excitedly, one by one they enjoyed the nervous fun of closing their eyes, falling backwards, and waiting for my arms to grab them before they... Read More

Universal Giftedness

It can be tempting to compare ourselves to others, or what we think is expected of us. In this charismatic community, I might feel as if I should have a healing or preaching gift. Would God have called me to be a missionary otherwise?

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World Mission Sunday: A Call for All

You may not feel called to pray spontaneously with random strangers at the entrance of Wal-Mart (though you shouldn’t be too quick to dismiss it as a possibility). But you are called to give witness in the ways which the Spirit prompts you in your daily life.

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So I Do Not Run Aimlessly

We started dreaming up a plan to build a fitness center and a school of faith and art to inspire local kids to live better. Many of the local youth only get one or two meals a day, and these are often just rice, noodles, plantains, or yuca.  

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Mission trip group

Sacraments, Concrete Floors, and Lives Changed

The mission trip participants, full-time missionaries, and local volunteers labored together to lay concrete floors in two homes and to beautify a chapel with a new coat of paint. They held prayer services in two pueblos, and did many home visits, talking with the locals and praying with them for their needs and intentions.

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Movie Review: Silence

A few weekends ago, my husband noticed the movie Silence while browsing Amazon Prime. I remembered hearing about this 2016 film telling the story of Jesuit missionaries in Japan. It is directed by Martin Scorsese and listed a promising cast, so we decided to spend a Sunday afternoon watching it.

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Birthing a New Mission

These hidden sufferings are the things that till the soil of the mission post, that soften our hearts to the sufferings of the poor. Each suffering, endured with patience, offered up for the salvation of the souls around us, are the seeds that will spring forth into flowers and trees.

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Hopeful Futures

Obed shared that he was ready to change. Unfortunately I didn’t believe him, but I gave him the opportunity to prove himself by inviting him to come to my house the next day and discuss it further.

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The Sweet Sound of the Good News

It was a wonderful affirmation to me of how important it is to reach out to the children in places like Taiwan who, by virtue of their age, tend to have more “fertile ears” and are more open to receiving the message. It was a beautiful day in so many ways. The kids even tried to help teach us how to play their instruments!

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A Bike Track in a Cow Pasture

When I first saw the land, I felt a bit discouraged. It was very overgrown with trees, bushes, tall grass, and brush everywhere. And there were cows and a horse living there. The spot he found for us to build was in a cow pasture! Well…at least the land would be leased to us free of charge, so I thought, let’s give it a try.

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When God Plans the Party

Our friend Eliomar had prepared a reflection which included two gifts—one wrapped like garbage and scribbled on, and the other wrapped beautifully with glittery ribbon. He asked two kid volunteers which one they wanted, and they both chose the beautiful one. He gave them the gifts and asked them to open them. Inside the beautiful one were nasty old fruit peels and garbage. Inside the scribbled package were chocolate and candy.

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