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Taiwan Through the Eyes of a Missionary Kid

Along with the blessings, there have been some challenges…It is hard knowing that most of my friends and classmates are not Catholics, or even Christians for that matter. It is also discouraging because there are so many temples! 15,000! But, like I said earlier, trust in the Lord!

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A Christmas in Taiwan

The kids lined up right away for the gift, and of course the parents let them have it because, let’s face it, how could they say no to a beautiful gift? It felt awesome. It’s hard to describe the joy of being able to share the message of Jesus’ saving love to these kids who have quite simply never heard it before. 

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To Write of Home

The first full week we were in Taiwan I had several meltdowns. It was freezing, with no heat in the buildings, we didn’t know where we would be living for the year, didn’t know the language or where anything was, and we didn’t even know each other as team members. I felt as if I were drowning in “unknowns.” It... Read More

Someone Must Tell Them!

The words of the Gospel have power! Every day FMC’s Taiwan team heads off to school. As is the case for most foreign missionaries, we stand out and people are often eager to meet us. The conversation very quickly comes to why we are here: to bring the GOOD NEWS to all we meet! Being on a university campus in... Read More
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