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A Year of Blessings

Although I have been serving at our stateside office this past year, I have continued regularly sending alms money to my old mission partner Joanne who is still serving on Camiguin Island, and she takes pictures for me to share with you about the amazing things God is accomplishing through your generosity! Thank you!!!

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The Ultimate Matchmaker

When I joined FMC in 2013, my biggest struggle was the first-year “no dating” commitment. I had just ended a five-year relationship with the man I planned to marry. When the Lord called me to become a missionary, He asked me to abandon what I had planned for myself, to follow His plans. I said yes and let go.

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I realize I have not fully let him into my heart: Joshua’s situation is too hard and too painful. I’ve been keeping this boy, my godson, at arm’s length, afraid to really love him, afraid to encounter his pain and then potentially lose him. Joshua is a four-year-old boy with a serious illness – hydrocephalus. His poor family can’t afford... Read More

Remembering Louie

This time is the only time you have to love. I realize that now because of Louie. When I met him in Camiguin, I thought he was just another boy: dirty, not the most lovable. Louie and his sister Fe had cerebral palsy, and while Fe was sweet and loved to laugh, Louie was rather stoic. He wouldn’t talk or…

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The Gospel of Matthew, according to Alex

[Jason and Jessica Wilde, and their children Grace (10), Brecklyn (8), Alex (7), and Chi Yu (4), recently went on a medical mission trip with FMC in the Philippines. The following post, published here with permission, is from their blog.] The dim hospital room was packed full of 15 or 20 Filipino families, each huddled around a bed or crib holding their sick…

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Uno, Dos, Tres

A few months ago, an attorney I know from church asked if I could help with teenage boys sent to his office for stealing. I was not sure how I could help, but I agreed to meet them and assess the situation. I arrived at his office and found two precious teenagers in serious trouble. They had been caught stealing... Read More
FMC Missionaries are living the teachings of the DOCAT!

DOCAT: What I’m doing NOW

After reading the DOCAT, a newly published adaptation of the social doctrine of the Church, one quote stood out to me as a summation of my missionary life and a summation of how my life reflects the ideals talked about in this book: “’God’s love never ends.’ (1 Cor 13:8). He goes after us, looks for us in our caves and hiding places,…

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Love What Matters

I recently started seeing a lot of posts from the Love What Matters movement on my Facebook feed. It’s touching.. stories, photos, and videos that highlight what’s really important in life, especially when there are so many negative things in the news and in our own lives that try to steal our focus and our joy.

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Power of Prayer by Olivia

This is a personal testimony about the power of prayer that our 13-year-old daughter shared as her final message to her peers at our weekly praise and worship gathering in Camiguin, Philippines.   From before I was born, prayer has been a part of my life. After my sister was born, the doctor told my mom that she shouldn’t have…

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